Worst Paragraph I've Read in a While  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Photo by JD Photography (Flickr)

From The Economist. Not the writer's fault:

The protesters’ main demand was for more jobs—and welfare for those without them. Sultan Qaboos [of Oman] has hastily declared that this will be done, raising the minimum wage by 40%, to 200 riyals ($520) a month.

Sultan Qaboos has obviously never enrolled his spectacular name into an introductory economics class. If he had, the working class of Oman would not suffer the unintended-but-easily foreseen consequence of raising the minimum wage. As a business owner, if I am paying more money for my workers while the same amount is coming in, then I'm certainly not in the position of paying more workers. Thus, an increase in the minimum wage, especially such a dramatic one as enacted by the Sultanate, will have the opposite effect of that desired by the populace.


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