Ron Artest, humanitarian  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

"I always follow my plan 100 percent, even if I know I'm going to fail."

Ron Artest.

I can't believe I would even consider blobbing about this jackass, this jerk who punched a paying customer in the stands, got himself run out of Chicago and Indianapolis...The Brawl at the Palace.

But he honestly sounds kind of great, if a little eccentric. Extended quote:

"[H]e's raffling off the $26,000 championship ring he won to pay for school psychiatry. So far, the raffle -- go to -- has raised nearly half a million dollars...the money will pay for "at least eight school therapists," he says.

"I needed a therapist when I was a kid," says Artest, who was suspended every single year of his elementary school career. "I needed one real bad. I want kids to know that what they're going through, they're not alone."

Admirable. It's's a totally not-crazy thing to fund help for kids that teachers call crazy. And we still call Ron-Ron Rick Reilly says "Four parts crazy, one part brilliant".

Also: "Don't all Game 7 heroes thank their psychologists?" And: "There's 1,000 plays in the Triangle. It's such a challenge. I get so frustrated about it, I have to call my psychologist."

Who is this guy? Find out more, some bits less flattering than those here, from Rick Reilly's ESPN commentary page.


"I ask Jackson why he's playing Artest fewer minutes this season. "I'm not," Jackson says. "Ron overheard [substitute forward Matt Barnes] asking me for more playing time, so he's been raising his hand just to get Matt more time."

Why, Ron Ron?

"Because we're a team. I just want to win another title. Who cares about minutes? Who cares about points?"

Uh, everybody else?"


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