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Posted by Wayne Bretski

In my earnest effort to begin posting here more frequently (since the completion of my Master's courses, still waiting on the review of my work), I decided to focus, if ever so some-what, on language and writing. I have composed two "On Language"-type columns in my head that I shall type up forthwith after moderate efforts at research (Footnote 1).

I'm also consistently reporting events, published takes, turns of phrase, and sentences to my Miss Bee, who both judiciously ignores me and comments, occasionally, in a vague fashion, while in turn concentrating on her own affairs. To her betterment. In that light, I'm moving towards a MR-esque "Best __ I Read Today" format, which I can decorate in the finest possible manner. Working within the confines of such strictures, I am parsing my reading material most delicately, and in Day One of my efforts, I am delighted to present this gem, verbatim from kottke.org:

Four 50-packs for around $115. "Whoa!" I exclaimed to my wife, "Someone out there really likes whipped cream!"

Readers, I could almost hear the eyeroll as my wife explained to this naive bumpkin that people use these canisters of compressed nitrous oxide to get high. So whoever you are, thank you for the novel experience of learning a new Urban Dictionary term from my wife.

In a most remarkable turn of events, Miss Bee came home today and mentioned the need to go to Costco, this evening, no procrastinating, It's-For-Student-Council. Standing in line with our one item, which happened to be three canisters of whipped cream....

1 According to the Magic Tree House author Mary Pope Osbourne, in her Opus #9 entitled Dolphins at Daybreak, research is roughly defined as working to find the answer to hard questions. Noted to self: drill that into students.


Did you watch the video on kottke.org of the finger skateboarder? They were skateboarding over a bunch of Herm├Ęs scarves and bags, each of which cost about $1000. I never knew finger skateboarding was a game for the rich.

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