Best Run-on Sentence I Read Yesterday  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

In horse breeding, for instance, there is a definite risk in breeding two fast horses who are both a little crazy. The offspring will likely be very fast and also very crazy. So the trick in breeding thoroughbreds is to retain the good traits and filter out the bad. But the breeding of humans is not so wisely supervised, particularly in a narrow Southern society where the closest kind of inbreeding is not only stylish and acceptable, but far more convenient--to the parents--than setting their offspring free to find their own mates, for their own reasons and in their own ways.
That's funny.

Deep down the rabbit hole of Ralph Steadman's website, you can find full texts of Steadman-illustrated, Hunter Thompson-penned classics, including "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved", quoted above. Appearing in a periodical called Scanlan's Monthly in 1970, it is considered the first piece of Gonzo journalism. See Wikipedia for more, or hit the jump for the full text. One of the prints from the auspicious occasion is represented above, available for purchase on his website, naturally.


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