Best Pseudo-parenthetical Sentence I Read Today  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

"Of course if you want to slow down your ship at the other end instead of flying by at 0.1c, you need a much larger ship."

This comes at the end of a post by Robin Hanson that includes such representative paragraphs as this:

Until recently, it would have been expected that 1 mm would be an absolute upper limit for the size of interstellar grains in the warm (T * 6000 K), low-density (n * 0.1–0.2 hydrogen nuclei cm^-3) interstellar cloud [LIC] which surrounds the Sun. However, recent … measurements … have identiļ¬ed a high-mass tail to the local interstellar grain population extending to perhaps as high as 10^-12 kg (i.e., 4.5 mm radius).

If the technical feasibility of rapid interstellar travel and the requisite economic concerns are of interest, by all means...have at the link.

While we're at it: the best re-creation of space travel ever (Kanye: of ALL TIME), along with a link to a 1969 interview with Kubrick in which, among other things, the director clarifies that HAL is a 'straight' computer. I can sleep easier.

During a '90s R&B jaunt down youtube-memory-lane, THIS was discovered. Putting my earlier claim regarding "best re-creation of space travel" in jeopardy.

In other youtube-and-lisps-in-popular R&B music news:


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