It's a new year  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Best believe that school has started again. Is summer ever short when you get married and go on a two week honeymoon. The honeymoon is over, as they say, and we are now in our third week of school. We took our customary first day of school photos.

Here we are getting ready to leave for day 1. Who knew that in five minutes we were going to be locked out of our back gate and relying on the charity of an awesome neighbor who backed her car up to trigger the sensor?

Our customary arm-out shot - we got pretty good at that on our trip...

Finally, a present from our favorite teacher friend - a shower gift actually. It was the first thing we hung in our new apartment, hanging in a place of honor.

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Love the sign that's so great!!! Your pictures are cute too!!
Love you

looking good you two! Hope school is going well.

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