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I'm not enjoying the upkeep of a blog and a website for one event.

Henceforth, the blog for the website is dead. I will update the website and forgo the blog post. Once again, the website with various details is located here. Add it to your bookmarks.

Pertinent information since the last blog update:
1. The reception party is not going to be at a city park due to the "No Alcohol Allowed" rule.
2. The date has been set: June 27th, 2009. Mark your calendars.
3. If you would like to see the rings we are going to get, go to the website.
4. We will be using an e-vite system to save paper. Don't expect any snail mail; your official invitation will be online along with the rest of the information.

Look out soon for a proper Welcome video; as always, with any questions, comments, or desires to be added to the online mailing list:


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