DIY Book Hanger  

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I found this idea on a blob somewhere: take a wire hanger and unwrap the top part, then re-twist it up a certain way. A few uses I saw online were to put your library books by the door so you don't forget them and to keep periodicals all in one spot.

I've decided to put my reading book next to my bed! I made one for Miss Bee so her library books wouldn't run all over the place. I'm not so much a Do-It-Yourselfer, but this was pretty simple.

Upper left is a picture I drew for Miss Bee with some markers that she bought for me. Lower left is a place mat I got at a restaurant in Scotland. I expressed interest in it and the waiter told me to take it. I think it was at the hotel in Troon - don't remember the name but I remember having a Belhaven 90 +/ on tap there.


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