What Happens To You When You Drink a Coke  

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Do you know?

I thought Miss Bee had blogged once about watching Super Size Me but I guess not. Well, we did. And it was intense. We don't eat fast food anyways, but we had been known to indulge in the occasional Dr. Pepper. Since the movie, neither of us has had a soda - it's a terribly sugary substance that has no redeeming nutritional benefits. When I came across the page about what it does to your body I thought I better pass it along to anyone who cares.

By the way, most recommendations for kicking soda are along the lines of: lemonade, ice tea, lemonade with ice tea (Arnold Palmer), sparkling water with citrus, etc. Just stay away from the high fructose corn syrup whatever you do.


Somehow you need to get this to your Dad but don't tell him I told you to. I've been trying to tell him for years but don't have enough facts, now he does!!!

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