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Extremely interesting article in the New Yorker about itching and scratching. Fascinating throughout. It's by Atul Gawande, an excellent writer that happens to be a doctor. Miss Bee says his book Better is "wonderful". Read all about itching here.

Oh, here's a teaser.

...the feelings people experience in their phantom limbs are far too varied and rich to be explained by the random firings of a bruised nerve. People report not just pain but also sensations of sweatiness, heat, texture, and movement in a missing limb. There is no experience people have with real limbs that they do not experience with phantom limbs. They feel their phantom leg swinging, water trickling down a phantom arm, a phantom ring becoming too tight for a phantom digit. Children have used phantom fingers to count and solve arithmetic problems.
Also, there's the tale of a woman who scratched through her scalp, skull, and into her brain. In her sleep. And if that doesn't interest you, I'm don't know what I can do..


here's a link to the article for anyone who wants to read it online

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