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Just a reminder to any readers that come to the site, the sidebar on the right contains an box with the last five items that I've shared in Google Reader. I try to reserve these for interesting intellectual reading that would be both time-consuming (to me) to write up, and also probably rather boring for the people who read my blog, basically just my family.

Today I've shared a piece from the Becker-Posner blog, whom I've covered before, about "bribing" poor children to stay in school. The post is by Becker, about a Mexican program that pays parents to keep their kids in school, and the recent NYC initiative to pay high schoolers for passing performance. Interesting reading. And of course, check out my other starred items while you're at it.

Incidentally, if there are any Google Readers out there, you can either subscribe to my shared items as an RSS feed, or you can "friend" me.


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