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We got all this kitchen equipment for Christmas, and then I stop blogging dinners. Sorry.

Here are some shout-outs: new pot.

And the spaghetti it begot:

As usual served with a dollop of yogurt cheese, this one featured baby bella mushrooms that were great.

The next dish was a lentil soup with saffron yogurt that sustained us for several days.

Lentil soup in the crock pot I brought back from home:

Lentils, mushrooms, lots of vegetables including kale, onion, etc. It was good.

An un-great photo of our new strainer and one of the new knives with the kale (thanks Mom):

Another one of the yogurt with the soup next to it:

The yogurt was made by simply mixing Greek-style plain yogurt with a few pinches of saffron that had been steeped in about a tablespoon of boiling water.


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