1.26.08 Dog Walking, Part 1  

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These were from my camera phone, better quality photos to come.

Miss Bee with a tan puppy of unknown breed:

The pit bill I took out at the same time:

Her little ears were cut off or something, but she was really playful.

And so was the little pup. A representative photo:

Later I took out a little-ish German shepherd, but her left hind leg was lame so I just socialized her a bit.
And here I've slipped in the bad photo of me that I promised two weeks ago:

Then Miss B. took out a white long-haired dachshund mix that was cute but a little timid.

Here's a schnozz-full:

So little...

Finally, I took out a Rottweiler that was humongous but remarkably gentle. Horrible photography commences:

I've decided that larger dogs, especially German shepherds and other non-terriers are the most difficult to take a good picture of, so sorry for that if those are your favorites.

Stay tuned for more and better pictures.


Oh! How could that little dachsie NOT be adopted?

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