The Week in Dogs: December 15  

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This week in dog blogging:

This little puppy is known as a Catahoula leopard dog (Wikipedia). It spent a lot of time crawling up my legs and jumping on my back.

And barking.

He didn't much care for the walking part of walking, mostly just running between my legs and begging for attention. And barking at other dogs.

Here's an actual picture so you can see what he looked like. He'll get a fair amount larger than he is now.

I loved this female pit bull mix. She was so friendly and energetic.

Loved that dog toy.

Getting a little run in.

Chewing. Lots of chewing.

She liked to nuzzle up too. She was affectionate for a pit bull.

A nice profile picture, mid-trot. I got the leash on her and then she broke away.

You can barely see in the last picture, but Miss Bee was out with a pit as well. She was soo cute.

Here's a better picture:

A proud mama, probably a pit mix.

Here's a close-up of the little black thing in the other picture.

A gigantic St. Bernard.

This behemoth is known as a Neapolitan mastiff. I didn't get a picture of the one at the kennel today but I noticed this monster (especially since it had a red "Quarantine" tag).

Turns out that it had bitten someone, and there was one agency that would consider adopting it (the owner gave up all rights, technically allowing immediate euthanization by the shelter). They chose to pass, and we happened to be right there as they removed him from his kennel. He was so strong that he pulled the shelter man into the cage with him; he told us that he almost hit his face on the back end of the kennel.

He also told us to go check out his former cage; the dog had actually eaten through chain link fence. See:

Goodbye for now from MCACC, maybe we'll get one more in before home for the holidays.


Alot of pit bulls, didn't realize they were so cute, loved the puppy.
What great fun! Try walking dogs around here and you'll fall on your keister! It's slick!

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