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Should have done this last weekend..I'll try to be more regular (like, um, tomorrow).

I'm going to start off sad: a French bulldog in a cage.

Such a lovely dog. He was stray so we couldn't walk him.

How about this guy?! Some kind of Shar Pei mix. He sat in the kennels with all the chaos and barking and keeps this placid expression, like "I don't even care.."

Not to say he didn't get excited about getting outside. Here he's straining to get out of the complex.

Would you take a look at this tail! Such a goofy-looking dog. He's my favorite walk so far, outside of the pit bull/Basset hound mix from last week.

This girl was so cute, a labrador retriever. The only good shot I got was this one with Miss Bee.

A Pit bull mix we took out. She was a very lovely dog; really strong.

This lab mix reminded me so much of a huge version of our old dachshund Buster.

Here's the profile:

Basically the ears are too "up"-oriented and the legs too long. Otherwise she's a ringer.

Leslie's favorite, a real heartbreaker. Same female German shepherd mix from last week. Such a pretty dog, really friendly, it's so sad she's still there. Out for a run:

This is what black and tan coon hounds do:

I think hounds are really cool; there's a couple of coon hound brothers at the shelter I think I'm going to take out if they're still there. Check out the floppy ears.

Boxer mix with Miss Bee:

Turns out Miss Bee really loves German shepherds and that I really love boxers. So look for a few more of those!


Aw! I love the lab that looks like Buster. That was actually my first thought when I saw the picture as well.

the shar pei mix looks just like the dog my dad has, except the breeder he got his from had the tails cropped before my dad could say not to! They're shar pei and bull dog mixes, I believe to get this look the mom is the bulldog. they're such awesome dogs :)

hi all

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