Strange Experience: Aptonyms  

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I was trying to think of the term "aptonym"; meaning someone whose name, apropos to their job, is notable. I had all but abandoned this post idea because I couldn't come up with the word and out of nowhere the Freakonomics blog had a link to a pretty good one: a dentist named Dr. Trusty who was dancing to the song 'Car Wash' and got a drill bit stuck in his patient's face.

You can find plenty of examples if you google 'apotonym': the hydraulic engineer named Flood or whatever...but I liked this one. Turns out that there is a gentleman named Thomas Saving who once held the austere title of Public Trustee of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund. I love it!

Encountered at Cafe Hayek in Don Boudreaux's reaction to Paul Krugman's Friday column accusing Barack Obama of being hoodwinked by Social Security doomsday predictions.

*Update* Krugman offers more on his blog.


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