Roundup: Schwag!; Laundry Day; Rice and Spinach Bake  

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Way Out West Oktoberfest was last weekend in Tempe. Here's some free stuff we accumulated:Koozy, plastic mug, two Starbucks gift cards, a holographic Bud Light, erm, thingy, and a pin. Which blinks. We also got this photo taken at the Bud Light lounge (so weak, basically an RV with a room to take people's pictures and some TVs and foosball on the roof):

Don't you just love the Bud Light outline?!

The next day we strung up 50 feet of rope all over the apartment to make a clothesline. Check out the photos of Laundry Day.

Ok, that turned out to be the only good one. I'm in the other two, looking dumb.

Finally, this was a lovely recipe we got from our Minnesotan friend Beth, it was from I believe. After sauteeing garlic and onion, lots of spinach was wilted over top (we added mushrooms and pine nuts as well), and mixed with beaten eggs. This mixture was poured over rice into a pan and baked. The original called for butter over top everything, we opted for more spinach.


Hey the clothes line is a nice touch!! ANother chip off the old block, although I do have mine outside!!!

THis recipe looks good too, but you don't give enough details. Is the rice cooked first? Baked how long and what temperature? I assume the mushrooms were sauted with the garlic and onions. Spinach wilted first or wilted as it baked? Details boy, details.

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