100th Post from Mr. Chicken  

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Whoa.We made it. Three months into it, 100 posts. Cool.

First up is a photo - of unfortunately dubious quality from my phone - of a child running around Tempe with his pants down. It was hilarious.

Pomegranates and pine cones:

I don't remember if I've blogged the pomegranate syrup or the grenadine I've made with these, but I'll get there.

This one is for Snat Barnhizer - I tried to send this to you on your phone but you don't get pic messages. Sorry, but here it is!

Another horrible picture: Pomegranate vinaigrette salad. Just that really, pomegranate juice and seeds with vinegar and oil, in a salad with pine nuts and pumpkin seeds from the carving session in Miss Bee's room.

There you go. Number 100. Hope you've enjoyed some of it at least.

I nearly forgot the reason I signed on to do this post. The class I subbed for today included a borderline deaf boy who wears a hearing aid with this special microphone that amplifies my voice into his ear. He didn't quite catch my name though...

"Mr. Chicken, can I be first in line??"


Today's been a long day, but looking at that photo of the little boy again made me laugh hard enough to smile again. I definitely didn't appreciate that picture enough the first time I saw it!

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