Leslie's Broccoli Salad (via Mama Karen)  

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-Bag of vegetables labeled broccoli slaw; including broccoli florets and shredded vegetables, like carrots and cabbage. The Costco variety included some dried fruits and nuts. Some bags may not have full broccoli, you can add them or not.
-Two bags of uncooked "Oriental flavor" Ramen noodles
-1/3rd C oil, 3 tbsp. balsamic vinegar, 3 tbsp. sugar for the dressing, mixed in with the Ramen seasoning packets. (You can choose your own flavor if you so desire.)

Even without a pre-mixed bag this would be an easy salad to whip up. We eschewed the Bacon Bits and mayo-esque sauce included with the broccoli slaw for a somewhat healthier alternative.

We also worked a few crosswords together this weekend. Saturday's New York Times was a singular construction, with almost all of the words being 4-, 7-, or 15-letter entries. Maybe slightly easier than the average Saturday, but we still didn't finish it without Internet help.

And today's Sunday puzzle was an impressive theme, where each themed entry repeated all its letters twice, except for a single, single letter. E.g., HARDHEARTED has only one T, but all other letters are used twice. The theme answers spell out LEFTOVERS by taking away all the double letters, but it's really anticlimactic, as it doesn't help at all in solving the puzzle. After about an hour's work, we finished the Patrick Berry puzzle by turning to the Internet for a few clues, such as the name of the dog in "The Thin Man", "Sketches of ___", 1836 [Boz], and the name of a Jordanian king from the 60's [Hussein].


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