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Well, I graduated this spring, and I just moved to Phoenix. I have lots of interests, and I want to remember some things about them. To preview a few things that I'll be returning to:

1. Music. I'll post mp3s on a reasonably regular basis here, using DivShare. If anyone has a request or wants more off an album, hit me up at waynebretski@gmail.com and we'll work something out.

2. Technology, the Internet, and Apple. I read a lot of things on the intertubes, and some I think are both arcane, and worth sharing. So I'll let you know. Also, I got a Mac this spring and it has revolutionized my life. I'll spotlight a few of my favorite applications, processes, etc. If there is demand for Windows alternatives or I run across something cool for PC users, I'll post those too.

3. Food. I cook. I like to do it, and I want to improve. I'm going to start posting recipes/processes (I'm pretty bad at following a "recipe"), and trying to be a little more
organized about the whole thing.

4. Crosswords. When I have time, I do the New York Times crossword every day. I'll also attempt the New York Sun a lot (cause it's free online). I'll probably post the answers occasionally, maybe comment a bit, and note my time. This is mostly for me to look back on.

5. Economics. My degree, particular interest, and the subject of a lot of my online reading. I'll post some things I think others might enjoy relating to this most versatile of subjects. I'm going to avoid politics, though.

6. Education. I'm going into the teaching profession this fall, and I'm starting to accrue news and notes about teaching, etc. Something strikes my fancy...

7. Beer. Goes along with the food, I enjoy so-called Micro-brews along with a bevy of international styles. At some point I'll drop some knowledge. I worked with an awesome group at Beertopia the last six months I lived in Omaha, including Beer Specialist Brent Udron, who I think will get a special guest post at some point.

8. Art, Photography, Film. Everybody likes these right? If I find cool jpegs or video clips, I'll post or embed them. I'll make every effort not to use copyrighted images, so feel free to use it if you see it here.

9. If any of you, dear readers, are involved in anything that I can point my internet browser (Camino, by the way!) to, let me know and I'll be sure to pimp it immediately.

Comments are open, I'd love to hear from you. Also, Blogger uses Atom feeds, so if you use an RSS feeder like Google Reader, NetNewsWire, BlogLines, etc., it should work fine. I get all the photos, text, and mp3 links in my GReader.

And if you don't know about Google Reader or why it can help those of you with Internet addictions, peep this.

"Peace and love in this house."


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