Beer, Dinners, and Beer Dinners  

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Quick round up of links on favorite topics:

1. The Minimalist. New York Times column rattles off 101 meals that take ten minutes or less. Lots of fresh seafood here.

2. Joe Sixpack on The Pub As Urban Tonic.

3. Flying Dog Brewery has set up a website for beer pairings. F.D.-centric so far, hopefully they expand their repertoire a bit.


This comment has nothing to do with your recent post. Who names his blog after a David Lewis quote? Good Christ Sikkink! I think you should grow a beard to match his and put the picture on your blog. Here's a question for you, do you believe other worlds exist? i.e. the world in which you have a beard as long as David Lewis's, does that world exist? If I remember correctly, he thinks that world exists.

By the way, it's hard to give a damn about what foods one should eat with a FD beer. Since no FD beer should ever be consumed, no foods should ever been eaten with a FD beer. Q.E.D.


There are no worlds in which I have a beard I'm afraid...just not going to happen. Perhaps I can photoshop something together.

No, I have nothing to do with David Lewis, I read that line once totally out of context and loved it.

F.D.'s oak aged barley wine isn't half bad, btw.
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You are right that the quote is amazing. I'm surprised I've never seen it before. If you have nothing better to do you should pick up some of his philosophy some time. I'll describe its quality in the following way; it's a good thing he didn't believe that the earth is flat, because if he did he probably would have convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I walk far enough I'll fall into outer space.

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